Overview of the i-MarNet project

Ocean biogeochemistry is an important part of the Earth System regulating the global cycle of C, N, P and providing a source of climatically active gases.

UK scientists are currently working to understand these systems using a diverse range of models. If the UK is to remain at the forefront of this field it is essential that they work together in a coordinated way to effectively exploit the strengths of the different models used by the UK community.

i-MarNet aims to provide a framework and pathway for the development of a new biogeochemical model/model hierarchy for use by the UK science community. The project will be divided into three phases:

project structure

Phase 1: The development of a UK network specific to marine biogeochemical modelling to help:

  • Assist with the evaluation of the models (Phase 2) and
  • Define a roadmap for the next generation OBM (Phase 3)

Phase 2: The evaluation of the performance of models of differing complexity via:

  • A coordinated model inter-comparison and the development and use of robust, process-based model metrics
  • To inform the selection of the baseline OBM for the next UK ESM

Phase 3: The development of a roadmap for the next generation ocean biogeochemistry model hierarchy