European Regional Seas Ecosystem Model (ERSEM)

ERSEM is a generic lower-trophic level/biogeochemical cycling model. Four phytoplankton, three zooplankton and one bacterial functional types are represented, along with the cycling of C, N, P, Si and O2 through pelagic and benthic ecosystems. Originally designed for shelf seas, the detailed description of the carbon cycle (including carbonate chemistry and air-sea exchange developed under NCEO), and the explicit resolution of luxury nutrient uptake by phytoplankton and cycling of labile/semi-labile organic matter makes ERSEM particularly suitable to describe ocean carbon fluxes. ERSEM is used for shelf seas water quality monitoring and climate impact assessment has been coupled to fisheries models and is run operationally by the UKMO.

ERSEM Diagram


Imarnet presentation

Overview of ERSEM Presentation
From the workshop on the assessment of candidate models
(19th & 20th November 2012)
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