NPZD - Nutrient, Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, and Detritus

ROAM - (Regional Impacts of Ocean Acidification) more info...

DMS (dimethyl sulphide)

C, N, P, Si (Carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus & silicon)

CMIP5 - Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 more info..

QUMP - (Quantifying Uncertainty in Model Predictions) a research theme aiming to provide probabilistic predictions of future climate. From the Met Office more info...

MAREMIP - MARine Ecosystem Model Intercomparison Project more info...



HadOCC - Hadley Centre Ocean Carbon Cycle model

Diat-HadOCC Model (HadOCC with added diatoms and phytoplankton)

MEDUSA - Model of Ecosystem Dynamics, nutrient Utilisation, Sequestration and Acidification

ERSEM - European Regional Seas Ecosystem Model

PlankTOM - Plankton Types Ocean Model

ESM - Earth System Model

OBM - Ocean Biogeochemistry Model

HadGEM2-ES - Hadley Centre Global Environment Model version 2 more info...

HADCM3 - Hadley Centre Coupled Model version 3 more info...

FOAM - (Forecasting Ocean Assimilation Model) more info...



PML - Plymouth Marine Laboratory

UKMO - United Kingdom Meteorological Office - Met Office

NCEO - National Centre for Earth Observation

IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change