Integrated Global Biogeochemical Modelling Network
to support UK Earth System Research (i-MarNet)

i-MarNet aims to provide a framework and pathway for the development of a new biogeochemical model/model hierarchy for use by the UK science community


Contribute to i-MarNet

The i-MarNet has been setup to engage the wider UK science community in the development of ocean biogeochemical models for Earth Systems Modelling. We are seeking members from a wide range of disciplines, from ocean and shelf seas modelling and climate science, to experimental and theoretical biology, ocean biogeochemistry, shelf sea modelling computer science and mathematics.
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UK scientists are currently working to understand these systems using a diverse range of models. If the UK is to remain at the forefront of this field it is essential that they work together in a coordinated way to



Network members are invited to participate in three workshops which will contribute to the assessment of candidate models and the vision statement for the next generation OBM model.Read more...



A model inter-comparison experiment will be undertaken in partnership with the UKMO to help select a baseline ocean biogeochemistry for the next UK


A Consideration of the Choice of Minimum Kpred Values for iMARNET Aditee Mitra & Kevin Flynn; CSAR, Swansea; May 2013

Traceability of performance between two ocean biogeochemistry models of differing complexity.  John Hemmings, NOC 2013.

Assessment of the iMarNet Ocean Biogeochemical Models;  Peter M. Cox & Lester Kwiatkowski U Exeter 2013.